Top Planned Giving Myths and Truths Revealed

What the heck are “planned gifts?”

For some reason, this term remains largely mysterious for many nonprofits. There’s a feeling planned giving is complicated. Not for the faint of heart or the small of budget.

This couldn’t be more wrong.

People wonder:

Are they deferred (i.e., you won’t receive them until after the donor dies)?
Are they outright (i.e., you’ll receive money now)?
Are they only for building an organizational endowment?
Are they just another term for major gifts?
Are they gifts where donors receive benefits like life income and tax avoidance?
Are they legacy gifts?

The Truth about “Planned Gifts”

They’re all of the above!

If there’s any overarching guideline, the truth is that planned gifts generally represent the largest gift a donor will make to you.

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