The sgENGAGE Podcast Episode 211: Tips for Visual Storytelling

Digital communications have become ever more important over the last year and a half, and visual storytelling is a critical part of an effective strategy. Visual images help supporters visualize and understand what the organizations are doing, and how their contributions make a difference.

That’s why today we are bringing back an ever relevant episode originally recorded at bbcon 2018 featuring Ira Horowitz, the founder of Cornershop Creative. Listen in to hear what Ira has to say about why visuals matter in storytelling, how to demonstrate to donors that they can be the heroes of the story, and how to match copy with the right visuals for maximum impact.

Topics Discussed in This Episode:

Why visual storytelling matters to fundraising
Ways that organizations can make donors the heroes of the stories they’re telling
Resources that organizations can use to get the visual images that they need
Matching the right copy and content with the right visual images
How to test and fine-tune a story over time
How to make use of imagery even when an organization has limited staff or resources
How visuals can help make data more comprehensible
Examples of great visual storytelling

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Ira Horowitz
Cornershop Creative
Blackbaud University: Multimedia Storytelling

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