sgENGAGE Episode 214: The Keys to Online Donor Retention

Is donor retention different when the donor is acquired online? In this episode, you’ll learn more about ways to improve donor retention for online-acquired donors. Joining the podcast today is Rachel Clemens, Chief Marketing Officer of Mighty Citizen. Listen to today’s conversation to learn what Rachel thinks about building relationships between donors and organizations, the role of segmentation, and how language factors into donor retention.


Topics Discussed in This Episode:

What organizations do to improve how they retain and engage online donors
Building the relationship between the organization and the donor
Preferences of people making online gifts
How segmentation plays a role in driving the relationship
The factor of language in donor retention
What people want to see in brands
The mindset to retaining different kinds of donors
What organizations can do to focus on retaining online donors
COVID-19 adaptations that might remain helpful going forward
Advice for organizations to double down on retention of online donors

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Rachel Clemens’ Linkedin



“I always think about donor retention as part of the donation process.”

“It’s not a transaction. It’s a relationship.”

“The thing that comes to mind almost immediately is just getting their tech in check.”

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