EPIP 2021 Conference Spotlight: Plenaries

What does it mean to celebrate a 20th anniversary, virtually? What’s the right mix of looking back, taking stock of our present moment, and looking forward? How do we center the wisdom of those who have come before us while boldly envisioning new futures? These are some of the questions we’ve been asking among our conference committee, staff, and board as we embrace this virtual anniversary season and prepare for the 2021 EPIP Virtual National Conference.

We’re thrilled with the mix of voices, perspectives, and histories that will help us answer these pressing questions and ground our conference programming in three signature plenaries – Philanthropy Reimagined: 20 Years of ChangemakingCollective Loss: Collective Care: What We Need From Our Institutions, and A World Without Philanthropy: Imagining Liberation

These plenary sessions will feature leaders including Derecka PurnellBeatrice Lors-RousseauKiyomi Fujikawa, Sandy Nathan, Anthony Simmons, and more. Learn more below and register at epip.org/2021conference to witness and learn from their brilliance.

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