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When the future arrives

It used to be easy to put off the future until after you retired or died. We could live with the world we had long enough to avoid dealing with significant cultural or technical change. Sure, teenagers might listen to loud music or have long hair, but that didn’t mean you had to.

And there were parts of the world where the future would arrive five years after it had reached California or Kenya. Plenty of time to prepare.

But now, thanks to the network and to wired culture, that insulation is gone.

The future is here. It’s not going away. And a new future is going to be here tomorrow.

— Seth Godin

Whoa!  The future is here, and it’s undeniably uncertain. What a challenging time in which to do fundraising. And what an exciting one!

Yesterday is SO yesterday. And nonprofits everywhere are learning “business as usual” not only isn’t, but won’t ever be again. Virtual events? Check! Online meetings with major donors? Check! Cryptocurrency gifts? Mass text messaging? QR codes? Artificial intelligence?  The list of the new goes on and on.

At the same time, there’s a lot about the old that’s well worth learning and revisiting. This newsletter is designed to give you a taste of it all. Tried-and-true and trends. It is my sincere pleasure and honor to help you find the ideas, strategies, tactics, templates and tools you need to make our world a better place. I’d like to again thank my Clairity Click-it sponsor, Bloomerang, who have stood with me and you throughout these rapidly changing times.  

Thank you for doing such vital work, and may the year ahead bring many blessings,


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