Report on Semi-informative Priors

One of Open Phil’s major focus areas is technical research and policy work aimed at reducing potential risks from advanced AI. To inform this work, I have written a report developing one approach to forecasting when artificial general intelligence (AGI) will be developed. By AGI, I mean computer program(s) that can perform virtually any cognitive […]

New Roles in Global Health and Wellbeing

Open Philanthropy is expanding and we are recruiting a number of talented new hires to help us direct philanthropic funding in new-to-OP causes and to join the team that identifies new areas for grantmaking. Our Global Health and Wellbeing team – which works to improve life through causes like global development, scientific research, and farm […]

Report on Whether AI Could Drive Explosive Economic Growth

Since 1900, the global economy has grown by about 3% each year, meaning that it doubles in size every 20–30 years. I’ve written a report assessing whether significantly faster growth might occur this century. Specifically, I ask whether growth could be ten times faster, with the global economy growing by 30% each year. This would […]

How to Prepare for These 5 Grantmaking Challenges

Do more than ready yourself for the unexpected. We have been told for most of our lives to prepare for the unexpected—save for a rainy day, have a Plan B and apply to some “safety schools” in case you don’t get accepted by your top-choice university. While being prepared for the unexpected is smart, it’s […]

Free Download and New Book Coming February 2020

Get out of your own way and transform your giving. I recently learned from a client that the first thing she does each day is read a chapter from my award-winning book Confident Giving: Sage Advice for Funders and reflect upon how it relates to her work. She said, “It was helpful to get my mind […]

6 Back to School Lessons for Grantmakers

Get excited and be prepared to launch your new initiative. After a long summer of late nights, fun in the sun and a relaxed schedule, families across the country are preparing for kids to get back to school. There’s a lot of build up to that first big day – planning for cooler weather, getting […]

One Guaranteed Way to Scare Your Grantees!

Nothing creates heart pounding ghoulish fear in the minds of a grantee like hearing from their funder: “We’re about to start strategic planning.” A funder undergoing strategic planning can put the nail in the coffin for grantees…at least temporarily. Philanthropic strategy development seems to last forever. During this time, and often behind closed doors, the […]

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