Report on Semi-informative Priors

One of Open Phil’s major focus areas is technical research and policy work aimed at reducing potential risks from advanced AI. To inform this work, I have written a report developing one approach to forecasting when artificial general intelligence (AGI) will be developed. By AGI, I mean computer program(s) that can perform virtually any cognitive […]

Our AI governance grantmaking so far

When the Soviet Union began to fracture in 1991, the world was forced to reckon with the first collapse of a nuclear superpower in history.1 The USSR was home to more than 27,000 nuclear weapons, more than one million citizens working at nuclear facilities, and over 600 metric tons of nuclear fissile materials.2 It seemed […]

Report on Whether AI Could Drive Explosive Economic Growth

Since 1900, the global economy has grown by about 3% each year, meaning that it doubles in size every 20–30 years. I’ve written a report assessing whether significantly faster growth might occur this century. Specifically, I ask whether growth could be ten times faster, with the global economy growing by 30% each year. This would […]

New Roles in Global Health and Wellbeing

Open Philanthropy is expanding and we are recruiting a number of talented new hires to help us direct philanthropic funding in new-to-OP causes and to join the team that identifies new areas for grantmaking. Our Global Health and Wellbeing team – which works to improve life through causes like global development, scientific research, and farm […]

She Power: $1 M Plus Raised By TXWF from Annual Luncheon

Texas Women’s Foundation, a powerhouse for women and girls in Texas, raised more than $1 million at their 36th Annual Luncheon Across Texas, groups convened to watch in livestream mini-parties, including 96 students and teachers from Brookhaven College, as the Texas Women’s Foundation held its Annual Luncheon online. Presented by the Dallas Mavericks, the event […]

How the Pandemic Has Changed Pro Bono

The pandemic pushed the social sector to make game-changing shifts in community programming, funding models and organizational leadership. Nonprofits that pivoted their programming in a matter of weeks now demand fast, targeted and immediate resources for infrastructure building. Skilled based volunteering has been the backbone of organizational capacity building supports for over two decades. As the social sector evolves rapidly, capacity-building efforts […]

Leaders Call for More Investments to Support Black-Led Migrant Groups & Leaders

Emergency Call Highlights Systemic Shortfalls In Funding Black Immigrant and Refugee Support   This fall’s images of Border Patrol officers on horseback back using whips to drive Haitian asylum seekers across the Mexican border was a horrifying spectacle that highlighted the dire programmatic and funding challenges that Black-led migrant organizations face on an almost daily basis.   Soon after these images went viral, a coalition of frontline leaders, nonprofits and philanthropy sector groups that included Unbound Philanthropy, Four Freedoms Fund, NCRP, […]

Your Daily Phil: Yachad’s new approach to disabilities referral services + Rethinking how to rebuild after COVID

Good Monday morning! Duke University’s Chabad Fleishman House — named for Joel Fleishman, a professor of law and founding director of the university’s Sanford School of Public Policy — officially opened its doors on Sunday morning to Jewish undergraduates. The Jewish Federation of Greater Washington is seeing major donors maintain the high levels of giving inspired by the coronavirus […]

Lessons from the second city: Rethinking rebuilding

On October 8, 1871, a fire broke out in Patrick and Catherine O’Leary’s barn on the southwest side of Chicago, Illinois. It soon spread to envelop the entire city. Lasting until the 10th, the fire burned through the heart of Chicago, killing 300 people, and leaving one-third of the city’s population homeless. 150 years ago, […]

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