Get the most out of Giving Checkout: 7 inspiring charity examples

Have you heard about Giving Checkout? It’s our simple online donation tool that helps you raise more from one-off and recurring donations. When your supporters donate via Giving Checkout, there are 0% fees, and you’ll get 100% of the donor data – all powered by a fundraising platform you and your supporters already know and […]

Learning organizations and sustainability

By: Melissa Spas Many years ago, a group of my colleagues and I read together Alan Deutschman’s Change or Die. The dramatic title belies the simplicity of his key message—shifting one’s mindset and adopting a positive frame, believing that change is possible, can allow us to undertake that change, even when it seems nearly impossible. Deutschman… […]

Is journalism changing thanks to new billionaires and mega-donations?

  Despite being a worldwide trillion-dollar industry, philanthropy doesn’t garner the same media coverage as say, the technology sector. But with so many new billionaires entering the funding space, and billionaires renewing their focus on environmental and societal causes, you’d think we’d be seeing more mass media news coverage. So where are the hard-hitting, deep-dive […]

New study shows Muslim-Americans as vibrant contributors to American philanthropy

By Shariq Siddiqui, J.D., Ph.D. and Rafeel Wasif, Ph.D. According to the Institute of Social Policy and Understanding (ISPU), 1.1 percent of the U.S. population is Muslim-American. Muslim-Americans are a highly diverse minority with no one ethnic group making a majority. Muslim-Americans are largely a community of color with African-Americans, Asians, Arab and Latinos making… […]

Seeking Our Next Chapter Liaison!

EPIP is seeking a detail-oriented, systems thinker and collaborative Chapter Liaison to play a key role in developing, strengthening and evaluating EPIP’s national volunteer chapter network. The Chapter Liaison will work to provide robust professional development for chapter leaders, while building upon current chapter management processes and infrastructure with an eye for further improvement. This […]

4 steps to build internal support for a new Grants Management System

We know that Grants Management Systems (GMS) help grantmakers accelerate their impact, improve relationships with grantees, and unlock the power of data for reporting and decision making. We also know that many organizations are stuck in outdated systems—or are manually tracking everything through an ad hoc process using email and spreadsheets—which means that too many […]

Status of UK Fundraising 2021: new report from Blackbaud

Our colleagues at Blackbaud have launched the new Status of UK Fundraising Report 2021 – the highly anticipated new report featuring the views of over 1000 charity professionals. The annual report is an unique benchmarking tool for charities, sharing insights on charity income, supporters, fundraising during the pandemic and digital transformation. We have a few […]

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