Report on Semi-informative Priors

One of Open Phil’s major focus areas is technical research and policy work aimed at reducing potential risks from advanced AI. To inform this work, I have written a report developing one approach to forecasting when artificial general intelligence (AGI) will be developed. By AGI, I mean computer program(s) that can perform virtually any cognitive […]

Our AI governance grantmaking so far

When the Soviet Union began to fracture in 1991, the world was forced to reckon with the first collapse of a nuclear superpower in history.1 The USSR was home to more than 27,000 nuclear weapons, more than one million citizens working at nuclear facilities, and over 600 metric tons of nuclear fissile materials.2 It seemed […]

Report on Whether AI Could Drive Explosive Economic Growth

Since 1900, the global economy has grown by about 3% each year, meaning that it doubles in size every 20–30 years. I’ve written a report assessing whether significantly faster growth might occur this century. Specifically, I ask whether growth could be ten times faster, with the global economy growing by 30% each year. This would […]

New Roles in Global Health and Wellbeing

Open Philanthropy is expanding and we are recruiting a number of talented new hires to help us direct philanthropic funding in new-to-OP causes and to join the team that identifies new areas for grantmaking. Our Global Health and Wellbeing team – which works to improve life through causes like global development, scientific research, and farm […]

Dashboards Chart Progress & Measure Performance On One Screen

More and more, nonprofits use data dashboards to drive effective progress toward their fundraising goals through visualization. A dashboard instantly communicates mission-critical information onscreen–saving your busy team from digging through reports and (possibly) drawing incorrect conclusions. What IS a (Fundraising) Dashboard? Dashboards present a lot of critical data upfront on one screen in visuals like…

Jewish wisdom and strategic decision making amid changing times

In recent years, my chevrutah (study partner) and I have enjoyed studying musar — a body of Jewish thought focused on human character development and the many middot, or character traits an individual can cultivate throughout their lifetime. Menachem Mendel Lefin of Satanov dedicates an entire chapter of his book Cheshbon HaNefesh (1808) to the […]

A college student collects recipes for a Jews of Color cookbook

As a teenager growing up in Chicago, Alana Chandler, whose father is Ashkenazi Jewish and whose mother is Japanese, was bothered by the sense that she didn’t “belong” in any one community despite the fact that both her parents are Jewish. That feeling of not belonging inspired her to create a cookbook of recipes from […]

Your Daily Phil: Sharsheret on Breast Cancer Awareness Month + A cookbook by Jews of Color

Good Thursday morning! Breast Cancer Awareness Month, which happens annually in October, has attracted criticism as a gift to fraudsters and a source of emotional pain for both survivors and women fighting the disease. The benefits of having such a designated month outweigh these pitfalls, Elana Silber, CEO of the Jewish breast cancer charity Sharsheret, told eJewishPhilanthropy. “There’s so much negativity […]

The power of philanthropy series: innovation

By Tifany R. Boyles, Red Philanthropy I recently was at a party surrounded by women-led business owners. I mentioned that I was a philanthropic advisor and this intimate group of successful women responded with comments such as, “ugh, nonprofits are so frustrating,” and “philanthropy is nice” with a kind of verbal pat on the head…. […]

Sara Lomelin’s Passion for the Philanthropy of Everyday People

Editor’s Note: This interview in our Feminist Giving IRL series features Sara Lomelin, executive director of Philanthropy Together. 1. What do you wish you had known when you started out in your profession? When I switched careers 12 years ago, I didn’t understand the power dynamics and barriers that exist for grassroots nonprofits. I wish I knew the […]

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